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Join my 8-week 1:1 coaching program!

Schedule a “right fit” call for my 8-week 1:1 coaching program down below! I utilize the Enneagram + all my life-coaching knowledge and wisdom to create a unique roadmap to emotional growth in your life. In this program you will learn:

More about your specific enneagram number, and how your type’s core motivation pertains to your  personal version of emotional health.

Find greater insight into who you are, what drives you, and what holds you back.

To create a deeper sense of self.

How to lean into your personal strengths, and how to use your weaknesses to your advantage.

Behaviors that are often associated with your number don’t dictate who you are, but we learn why we tend to feel what we feel, and show up in specific ways based on our enneagram number.

How to create emotions that serve you personally.

To become empowered by your specific enneagram number, and intentionally use that to create more of what you want.

How to process difficult emotions that come up, and allowing that vulnerability to feel move you forward.

To love yourself unconditionally, and in turn create compassion and understanding for your loved ones and those around you.

You will have access to me 24/7 for those 8 weeks through Voxer, a free audio app— ask me questions, get clarification, and even get some coaching in between our sessions.

Be prepared to meet each week for approximately 50-minutes. (We will designate a specific time to meet each week.) You are guaranteed a safe, judgment-free space to share and be heard. Be prepared to hear what is going to help you through to your next level of growth, which isn’t always what we want to hear. Also be prepared to be loved fiercely by me! I am a big softy on the inside. Once I take you on and you are under my care, you will be well-taken care of. I give top priority to my 1:1 clients!

The cost of this program is 897$ up front, or 2 payments of 457$. 

Are you ready? Apply here!

Once your application has been submitted and approved we will schedule a “right fit” call, and make sure we are both on the same page! After that, we get started ASAP. So if you’re ready to get going, then this is the program for you! 


If you know you’re in, schedule a “right fit” call below, and let’s get started!


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